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Savile Dagny works with well-established and emerging investment banks, private equity, hedge funds and corporate firms that are seeking exceptional talent at all levels from Analyst to Managing Director. We partner with each client to design a bespoke tailored recruitment strategy and approach that allows us to fully capture the specific attributes and capabilities required to succeed in each unique role and culture. 


We take the time to understand your strategic goals and priorities, your culture, the specific role, and the competencies required to meet your current goals and generate positive returns. We identify strong high caliber candidates through engaging our extensive network, leveraging big data and conducting qualitative and quantitative interviews. 


During the search process, we proactively keep you at the forefront and provide color on industry trends, market intelligence and candidate feedback. Through our proprietary approach, we attract and engage talent in a meaningful way and deliver an exceptional and diverse slate of candidates that fit your unique culture and firm. 



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